Deluxe 2-Story Pre-Fab Cafe

Deluxe 2-Story Pre-Fab Cafe

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$57,000.00 Regular Price
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This Pre-fab restaurant is perfect for anyone looking to open their own outdoor cafe or restaurant without owning a store front. It's low maintenance, portable, with lot's of space to set up tables for your customers! The restaurant can be customized to your liking to show off your brand! Tables, chairs and upstairs deck included!

  • Product Info

    A compact and mobile unit that uncovers a fully operational kitchen at the touch of a button. It can be used as a container bar, coffee shop, kitchen, and more!

    Technology ready environment for WiFi, RFID, A/V, giant LEDs, broadcasting, touch-screens, interactive photo-booth and other

    solutions. Fully self-sufficient with electricity and water


    A 20ft shipping container transforms into a functioning operating area for up to 28 people (with bistro seating

    for 14) when the walls of the container are folded back and tables assembled.

    installation only takes around 15 minutes!


    The container has a built in automatic remote controlled opening and leveling system using a hydraulic system.

    Custom. unique designs and branding that can be provided.

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