About Us

Serve-N-Go is a start-up company that offers customizable Food Trucks and Prefab Cafes. Our long-term mission is to help you launch your business by providing and customizing your mobile shop to fit your brand's needs. We firmly believe that in the field of mobile shops, you deserve the best of the best! Serve-N-Go is committed to the design & production of our quality mobile shops. Whether it be retro cars, trailer, dining carts, fruit and vegetable vehicles, exhibition vehicles, flowers or cold drinks cars, we are dedicated to giving you what you need for your business to thrive. And we are happy to say we serve customers all over the world! Serve-N-Go has a professional design team, dedicated to the needs of of our customers, in terms of concept, design, model, appearance, interior, equipment, lighting, style and other aspects of tailor-made mobile shops. Get started on your dream business with us today!

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